Roger Pfister
Roger Pfister
Title: Head Athletic Trainer
Phone: (919) 546-8222
Roger Pfister enters his 14th year as the head athletic trainer for the Shaw University athletic program. 

To prepare for his job as head athletic trainer here at Shaw, Pfister completed an internship at York College.  The internship gave Pfister knowledge and insight on life as an athletic trainer. 

At Shaw, Pfister handles budgeting and ordering for the athletic training department, as well as documenting, evaluating, and treating injuries. 

Pfister also has responsibilities at practice, pre-game, as well as game-time and post-game treatment.  “If there’s something to do with sports, we are usually the first ones to show up and the last ones to leave,” said Pfister.

The responsibilities required to keep every sports team healthy at the university can become time-consuming, but getting student-athletes healthy makes it worth it for Pfister.  “When a player gets hurt and I work to get them healthy, it is a great feeling to be able to watch them compete again,” said Pfister. 

At Shaw University, Pfister’s greatest accomplishments include helping the athletic teams develop talent and win championships.  “I have been able to help develop some championship teams.  I have seen a lot of talent come through here,” said Pfister. 

Pfister believes that the two most important aspect of athletic training are keeping the athletes healthy, and communication with coaches.  “As an athletic trainer, I need to communicate with the coaches to inform them when their players will be ready to go,” said Pfister. 

Originally from Highland, Illinois, Pfister graduated from McKendree University in Lebanon, Illinois. 

Pfister enjoys resting, golfing, boating and spending time with his wife Eulonda. They have one son (Nathan) and recently welcomed a baby girl (Ashlynn) to their family in 2016.