Wayne Hall
Title: Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Phone: (919) 716-5501
Email: whall@shawu.edu

Wayne Hall enters his second year as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Shaw University. 

In 2014 Hall brought his philosophy and training system to Shaw University as Assistant basketball coach and Strength and Conditioning coach. The Shaw Bears went to the CIAA Tournament quarterfinals in 2015, and the coaching staff believed it was due to the coaching and conditioning training of Mr. Hall.

Hall began his career in Durham, NC where he established the Hall of Fitness gym in 1990 and owned and operated it for over 10 years. The Hall of Fitness started at 4000 sq feet, which expanded to 6000 sq feet 2 years later, continuing on to a 20,000 sq foot free standing building in 1994, which is still currently in operation.

Prior to Shaw, Hall recieved a scholarship to play basketball at Chowan University where he met Nate McMillan former head coach of the Portland Trailblazers.

Later, Hall recieved a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management degree from Shaw University.

Hall has been certified by International Sports Sciences Association ISSA, Nautilus, and Body Tech Association, he was named one of the Top 100 Power Lifters in the USA by the United States Power Lifting Federation, and was also a national level body builder.

From 1997 to 2000, Hall was the strength and conditioning coach for the Mount Zion Christian Academy Basketball team. Mount Zion ranked in the top 10 nationally for all 3 years. In 1997, the team was ranked #2 in the nation, which also featured Tracy McGrady. In 1999, Hall was a Special Olympics Power Lifting Coach, as well as working with several established strength and conditioning coaches and basketball coaches in the NBA.

Hall has worked with many coaches including Ron Diangelo – Former Toronto Raptors strength and conditioning coach, Butch Carter – Toronto Raptors Head Coach, Johnny Davis – Orlando Magic Head Coach, Rockets strength and conditioning coach David Macha, Anthony Falsone – Former strength and conditioning coach for the Houston Rockets and currently Houston Rockets center Yao Ming’s personal trainer, Nik Popvic – 2008 Australian Olympic team strength and conditioning coach, Brian Goorjian – 2008 Australian Olympic team head coach, most successful coach in Australian basketball history, Pat Zipfel -  Houston Rockets basketball scout and Gary Hazelwood – Chief Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Scout for Velocity Sports Performance.

Hall has been recently collaborated with Stephon Marbury and his new business venture “Starbury,” as his business development officer in the United States and China. 

He was Tracy McGrady’s personal trainer for over 12 years. He has extensive experiences in promotions, management, event marketing, as well as coordination of professional sporting events. He has also worked with national corporations including Adidas, Europa Sports, and I.S.S. Research. Hall’s 20 plus years of strength, conditioning, basketball and personal training experience is now brought to Hall Strengths.