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RALEIGH, N.C. – April 6, 2020 marks National Student-Athlete Day. To celebrate the work our Bears and Lady Bears both during competition and in the classroom, we wanted to know what being a Bear or Lady Bear student-athlete means to them and how being a student-athlete has made an impact on their lives:


Theo Delaleu: Men's Soccer

"The best part about being a Shaw student-athlete is being apart of this big family of the Bears!" said Delaleu. "This family is made up of teachers, directors, students and even some fans. Being a student-athlete represents a lot and I'm very proud to say that I am a Shaw student-athlete when we play games or when I'm wearing Shaw gear. On and off the field, I am really proud to be a Shaw student-athlete."



Siria Dibe: Women's Tennis

"I think the best part about being a student-athlete at Shaw is knowing that you have a very good group of people supporting you in your journey, encouraging you to do well not only on the court but also in the classroom," said Dibe. "As an international student, I think it is very important to feel that you are being taken care of and that I show I felt when I came to Shaw. I think that our teams, men and women are very close with each other and we are like a family."



Greyson Kelley: Men's Basketball

"The best part about being a Shaw student-athlete is getting to play in a great conference like the CIAA," said Kelley. "The fans and competition are among some of the best in Division II basketball. Being able to play college basketball in Raleigh where I grew up has been an amazing experience and has meant the most to me. I've been able to have all my family, friends and old coaches come to the games and be a part of the experience."



Tyler Hunter: Women's Volleyball

"Being a Shaw student-athlete holds a lot behind the title," said Hunter. "We are the faces of the school, being a Shaw student-athlete has brought me so many amazing experiences. From being able to compete with my fellow teammates in competition, to being able to attend the CIAA Tournament two consecutive seasons and winning a championship. We as student-athletes have an image to uphold not just on the court but in the classroom as well. Being a Shaw student-athlete has been one of the best decisions I've ever made."


Devon Hunt: Football

"Being a Shaw student-athlete means a lot to me because I was part of the oldest HBCU in the South which is a shareable moment," said Hunt. "Becoming a student-athlete at Shaw has impacted me by making me a better man. It also has showed me how to manage time, balance schoolwork and football practices which can be all be a challenge at times."


Paulo Filho: Men's Soccer

"Being a Shaw student-athlete has impacted in a way that I couldn't imagine since I got here two years ago," said Filho. "It has been an amazing experience every day, a new challenge every day. To have a chance to share this with people, my family and to be able to help anyone who dreams of having the same path one day. It means a lot to be a Shaw student-athlete because not many people have this opportunity so I know that I have to value every day here."


Jada Flowers: Women's Volleyball

"Shaw University Athletics has brought out the best features as not only an athlete but also as a student," said Flowers. "I've been able to show constant growth on and off the court. Being apart of Shaw Athletics has helped me make some of the greatest friends I plan to keep for a lifetime. Being a Shaw student-athlete means being able to come into practice and games with a 110% of focus and preparation as well as in the classroom. People from around the world look into Shaw Athletics, when they look at you, you want to make sure you're setting a positive representation.


Beni Kinsemi: Football

"The best part about being a student-athlete is definitely the experience," said Kinsemi. "Being a student-athlete has provided me the opportunities to meet so many people and build so many relationships. The experience has been second to none, I love being around my teammates and competing with them. Being a Shaw student-athlete has meant everything to me just for the simple fact that it was merely my decision and I never looked back. Shaw has given me the opportunity to study computer science and match which were always on my top my list."

National Student-Athlete Day was created by the National Consortium for Academics and Sports (NCAS) and the Northeastern University Center for the Study of Sport in Society, with partnership from the NCAA and the National Federation of State High School Associations. NCAA involvement began in 1994.


Between workouts, practice, competition and studying, SU student-athletes give all they have to Shaw University holding themselves to the highest standard. Be sure to remind them how much you appreciate them by thanking them for their dedication to this wonderful university via social media.


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